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2019 represents the final chapter of the 39-year-old Rodes City Run 10K, which began in 1981. The NEW City Run 10K is owned and operated by RAM Racing.


The Rodes City Run 10K was the second "leg" of the former Louisville Triple Crown of Running™. The Louisville Triple Crown of Running, which included the (former) Anthem 5K Fitness Classic, Rodes City Run 10K and Papa John's 10 MIler, was formed in 1984.


Due to the steady decline in participation, available sponsorship dollars and rising operating costs, all 3 of the Triple Crown races came to the only viable end the series.


Net proceeds from the Rodes City Run 10K  and the other 2 events in the LTCOR

were donated to the WHAS Crusade for Children.


The Louisville Triple Crown of Running's total amount
donated since 2002 to the Crusade for Children is over $1.8 Million.
Thank you to our sponsors and the running community for making
this donation possible.


The WHAS Crusade for Children is the largest granting organization to
agencies serving special needs children in Kentucky and Southern

Indiana. 100% of every donation to the Crusade is returned to the

community to serve special needs children.

For more information about the WHAS Crusade for Children,
please visit their website at





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